August 1, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Entei and Raikou LEGEND (Unleashed 90 & 91)

Hi everyone! It's LuxrayMogul here again for another card of the day review! This is PikaCirculator's first LEGEND review, and is one of the cards that I've been eyeing for a long time. It's Entei and Raikou LEGEND, card number 90 and 91 from HS-Unleashed.

Entei and Raikou LEGEND is a LEGEND card, which are two cards that can only be played when put together. It is not a Basic Pokémon; but rather, it is classified as its own type of card - LEGEND. In play, it counts as one card, but in the deck, discard pile, or any other places it is treated as two seperate cards. So unfortunately, cards like Poké Ball and Pokémon Communication can only find half of the card. This LEGEND card is also unique in that since it depicts two Legendary Pokémon, your opponent gets two prizes if this is knocked out, sort of similar to Pokémon-ex from the EX series.

Entei and Raikou LEGEND is a Fire and Lightning dual-type Pokémon and has 140 HP, which is lower than the other two LEGEND cards in this set - Raikou and Suicune LEGEND as well as Suicune and Entei LEGEND, which both have 160 HP. Its free retreat cost does help make this card better, compared to the other two LEGENDs which both have a one colourless energy retreat cost. It has a double weakness to Water-types as well as Fighting-types. That means, if there is a dual-type Fighting and Water type, its attacks would do four times the damage to E&R LEGEND (none so far, not that I believe.) E&R LEGEND also has no resistance, which is common for LEGEND cards.

E&R LEGEND has two attacks. The first one, Detonation Spin, does a powerhouse 90 damage for just a Fire and Colourless Energy. The downside is that you must discard one fire energy, which, if you have Typhlosion Prime (HGSS 110), can quickly be charged up again without much worry. Its second attack, called Thunder Fall, requires a Lightning and Colourless energy. You must discard all energy attached to E&R LEGEND for this attack though, so I wouldn't stack energies on it. It does 80 damage to all Pokémon in play that has Poké-Powers - including your own!!! So, that means it hits Kingdra Prime, Magnezone Prime, Typhlosion Prime, Meganium Prime, Celebi Prime (OHKO!) just to name a few. Poké-Bodies are safe though. If you are going to use this LEGEND card (it hasn't seen much play though) it'll be beneficial to use Detonation Spin instead of Thunder Fall, unless you don't have any Pokémon in play with Poké-Powers. Yes, it's quite a powerhouse!

The artwork is stunning, like all the LEGEND cards.

Overall, I'd rate this card 4.5/5 because of its OK HP, free retreat cost, and two powerhouse attacks. It only needs two energy to be active! The only drawback is that the attack hits all Pokémon with Poké-Powers, even your own (however, the new Pokémon from Black and White have Abilities, which are safe from this attack!!). Its weakness to two popular types right now is also a drawback. But overall, it's a great card and I'm surprised it hasn't seen too much play.


  1. Hi. Currently there are no Charizards in rotation (valid for tournament play). This post only refers to those cards that are valid for tournament, or in rotation. :)