August 17, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Xatu (Unleashed 11)

Hi everyone! It's GrassExplorer here again! This time we have Xatu! Like usually, we will begin with the artwork. I very much like the artwork of Xatu because it highlights Xatu's mysterious aspect.

To begin, we will look at its HP, Xatu has 90 HP, which I would say is a normal amount, nevertheless, nothing phenomenal. I am actually not too happy about its average HP and it would be difficult to employ in battle if you plan to use it to actually knock out stage 2 Pokémon.

Next, it's first attack is Psywave, which does 20 damage times the amount of energy cards attached to Xatu, I don't necessarily like this attack because the opponent can easily remove energy cards with the use of trainer cards and it uses up a lot of valuable energy cards.

However, I prefer its second attack, Confuse Ray, which does 50 damage and you flip a coin to see if the defending Pokémon is confused. But the part that I don't like about this attack is that it requires quite a large amount of energy cards and I would prefer a condition other than confused.

Xatu is weak to Electric-Type Pokémon, however also has resistance to Fighting-type Pokémon, so in some ways, it equals out.

Overall, I give Xatu a 3/5.
Although nothing fantastic, it is a good Pokémon to have in hand as a "buffer".

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