August 13, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Espeon (Undaunted 2)

Hey everyone! LuxrayMogul here for another Card of the Day Review! Today I will continue on my Eeveelution reviews and discuss the Sun Pokémon, Espeon. Espeon is a Stage 1 Psychic-type Pokémon that evolves from the Evolution Pokémon, Eevee. It has a decent 90 HP and a double weakness to Psychic-types. Its retreat cost of one is also average for a Stage-1 Pokémon. So, pretty average card so far. Let's look at the card text.

Solar Suggestion allows you to move (up to) 4 damage counters from any of your own Pokémon to any of your opponent's Pokémon and arrange it in any way you like - all for one Psychic energy. So essentially, you're doing a total of 40 damage. This attack can be quite useful in knocking out Pokémon that have retreated because of low HP left, and therefore this could allow you to knock out quite a few Pokémon in just one hit. As a bonus, your Pokémon get healed in the process. Here's the catch - if you don't have any damage counters on your Pokémon, then this attack does nothing. Just watch out for that.

Psybeam does a decent 30 damage for a Psychic and a Colourless energy. If the coin flip goes your way, the opponent is also confused, forcing it to flip a coin every time it tries to attack. (Doing 30 damage to itself if it's tails... but however the opponent can easily retreat, in which the confusion is healed). I much prefer paralysis in place of confusion, because it generally is more effective.

But other than that, Espeon's a decent card. I'll give Espeon a 4/5. It's only high because of its Solar Suggestion. Make good use of it! It is a great addition to any deck that runs Eevee.

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