August 7, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Jolteon (Undaunted 28)

Hey everyone! LuxrayMogul here again for another Card of the Day Review! Today I continue my Eeveelution review, this time with the Lightning Pokémon, Jolteon. (The 28th card from Undaunted). Let's have a look at its stats. Jolteon is a Stage 1 Lightning-Type Pokémon that evolves from the Evolution Pokémon, Eevee. It has a quite-the-normal-HP of 80 for a Stage 1, although obviously it isn't as high as I'd like. It has a times two weakness to Fighting-types (which is common to Lightning-Types), which means that a simple attack from a Donphan Prime or any Fighting-type that deals 40 damage makes Jolteon go bye-bye. It has a -20 resistance to Metal types, which is awesome, and a zero retreat cost, which, once again, is awesome.

Its first attack, Agility, requires a Colourless energy and does a decent 20. (For one energy... that's decent). As well, if you get heads on the coin flip, all effects of attacks including damage is prevented, which is also awesome - all for one energy. That's decent.

For LLC, you can use Mach Bolt which does a decent damage of 70. Now this is actually not bad; but compared to Raichu (HGSS 10) which does 100 damage for just LL. But the downside to that card is that you have to discard all the energy. Jolteon doesn't require you to do that which adds to its consistency.

The artwork is amazing. Like its evolutionary relatives Vaporeon and Flareon, (from Undaunted) you will also notice a Lightning Stone in Jolteon's picture; the method that is used to evolve Eevee into Jolteon. Like I said before, if you search through these cards you can find quite a few that have stones in the background of those who evolve by stones or items in general.

Overall I'd give this card a 4/5 for its consistency and free retreat cost. However, its times two weakness to Fightning makes it loose some marks as well as its HP. But overall, Jolteon is a great card.

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