August 3, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Metagross (Unleashed 4)

Hi everyone! It's GrassExplorer here again with Metagross! We have a psychic Pokémon today, which is out of the usual for me since I focus on Grass Pokémon, but I also like to run psychic Pokémon. First of all, the artwork is fantastic on Metagross showing off its power and strength. Having a shiny Metagross card would definitely be fantastic!

First and foremost, it's Poké-Body, Psychic Float, which makes the active Pokémon's retreat cost 0, is incredibly useful not just for Metagross, but for other Pokemon. Considering that Metagross' retreat cost takes up 4 energy cards, this Poké-Body is definitely useful!

Looking at its first attack, Pulse Blast, which does 60 damage, this attack is great for the reason that although it requires 2 energy cards, they can be any energy cards and not necessarily psychic. Moreover, this is a great attack to use when you don't have enough energy cards since the two energy cards pack quite the punch in this attack.

Next, the second attack is Double Leg Hammer which does 40 damage to two of the opponent's benched Pokémon. The great thing about this attack is that you don't have to apply weakness or resistence to the opponent's Pokémon. In addition, it makes Metagross a perfect sniper and it can be used to kill off weak Pokémon in the opponent's bench.

Metagross' weakness is to psychic and I don't think that this poses too much of a problem considering that the other psychic Pokémon may also be weak to psychic.

Lastly, its retreat cost is very high, however, it most likely won't matter taking into account its Poké-Body.

Overall, I give Metagross a 3.5/5.

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