July 30, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Zekrom (Black & White 114)

I'm back! Its Volcachu here once again and I will be talking about Reshiram's counterpart, Zekrom. It also has a normal art and a full art form. Full art looks great on Zekrom and it is cool to have.

Zekrom is an Electric-Type Pokémon which is Basic. It has 130 HP like Reshiram, which is a hefty amount for a Basic Pokémon. It is easy to get Zekrom out as all you need are cards like Dual Ball or Pokémon Collector. It has a double weakness to Fighting/Ground Types, so you should be cautious around Donphans and Machamps. It has no resistance and it has a retreat cost of two energies.

Zekrom's attacks are very similar to Reshiram. Like Reshiram, Zekrom has the attack called Outrage. It only requires a Double Colourless Energy so just slap them onto Zekrom. The move has 20 base damage and it gains 10 damage for each damage counter on Zekrom. The more they hurt you, the more you will hurt them back. Pretty simple and effective eh? Zekrom's second attack is Bolt Strike. This attack does 120 damage like Reshiram's Blue Flare, but it has a different effect. Bolt Strike damages Zekrom for 40 damage. This may sound terrible, but you can use this to your advantage. If you build up a lot of damage counters on Zekrom, you can unleash the all powerful outrage which can almost kill any Pokémon when Zekrom is almost dead.

The rating I give to Zekrom is a decent 3.5/5. I do not give Zekrom as high as Reshiram because of Zekrom's average survivability. Every Bolt Strike is a step closer for your opponent to take out your Zekrom which is bad.You can play save by only using Outrage if you want to. Zekrom is a great card and it will help you win matches against other people if you know how to manage your health right. It is deadly when used properly.


  1. Id give zekrom a higher rating, because he has the option of 1st turn win. paired up shaymin ul and pachi, he can bolt stike first turn for 10 damage. if you are not facing a reshiram/zekrom deck you are in big trouble, specially if you only drew 1 basic.

  2. i love magikarp best pokemon ever

  3. I have that card i swear and its 114/114 i am not lying its the exact same one