July 22, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Donphan Prime (HeartGold & SoulSilver 107)

Hey everyone! My name is Volcachu and I am part of the team. If anyone of you are wondering what my name means, it is a combination of my two favourite Pokémon. They are Volcarona and Pikachu! Today, I will be reviewing one of my favourite cards in the game, Donphan Prime. (HG & SS 107)

Donphan Prime is one of the best cards out there in the present rotation. It has been used in many decks at this year's National Championships in the United States. The card's success has made it one of the most wanted cards out there. Donphan Prime is a Fighting-Type, Stage 1 Pokémon. It has 120 HP and that's a hefty amount for a Stage 1 Pokémon. It has a double weakness against Water-Types so you must be careful of Blastoise (Unleashed 13) which has also been seeing a lot of play these days. Donphan also has 20 resistance to Electric-Types. With your Poké-Body, Electric-Type Pokémon will not do much damage to Donphan. Donphan needs four energy cards to retreat so it isn't ideal to move it around too much.

Donphan has a very amazing Poké-Body, Exo-Skeleton. It reduces any damage done to Donphan by 20 after Resistance and Weakness calculation. This ability is great because it makes it harder for your opponent to kill the Donphan. This makes Donphan a good wall while dishing out tons of damage.

Donphan has two attacks which work very well. The first attack is Earthquake. This attack is very easy to use as it only requires 1 Fighting energy. It does a lot of damage as 60 will most likely kill many basic Pokémons in one hit. The only draw back to this attack is that each of your Bench Pokémon will take 10 damage. If you come to think of it, 10 damage is very little compared to 60 damage. Donphan's second attack is called Heavy Impact. This attack needs 3 Fighting energy and it deals 90 damage. This is a lot of damage if you ask me. There are no drawbacks and no side effects so it makes the attack reliable. Both of Donphan's attacks are easy to use and powerful.

Donphan is a great Pokémon which deals a lot of damage and it can survive many hits. This card can be run in many different types of decks and it is easy to bring out because it is only a Stage 1 Pokémon. I give this card a 4.5/5 for its high survivability and its great damage. It's Poké-Body is very useful and there is hardly anything bad about this card. There is no surprise if you run into this card a lot because it is one of the best cards printed.

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