July 24, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Pikachu (Black & White 115)

Hey guys, this is Volcachu and I am back again. Today I will be talking about a very rare Pikachu. This Pikachu is an Ultra Rare and it is very hard to find in the new set (Black & White).

Pikachu is a Basic Electric-Type Pokémon. It has 60 HP which is average for a Basic Pokémon. It has a double weakness to Fighting-Types which has been seeing a lot of play lately. Cards like Machamp Prime (Triumphant 95) and Donphan Prime (HG & SS 107) will make Pikachu useless. Pikachu has no resistance which is normal for most Pikachus.

Pikachu has two attacks which are not the greatest. The first attack is called Energize which needs 1 electric energy. This attack does no damage at all, but it allows the player to attach an Electric energy to this Pikachu. It will give the player the power to recycle the Electric energies which are used in the second attack. Pikachu's second attack is Thunderbolt which can only be used if it has 1 Electric energy and 2 Colourless energies. This attack does a whopping 80 damage, but it comes at a big cost. All energy cards must be discarded from Pikachu. It will take you a long time to recharge for another attack. This is where Energize kicks in and lets you recharge a bit more efficiently. Pikachu's low HP will make it hard to get off another Thunderbolt after the first one.

Overall, I believe that this Pikachu is not suitable for battle because of Pikachu's attacks and low HP. This card is more of a collector's card. If you have this card, you should hang on to it because it is hard to obtain. In conclusion, I give this card a 1.5/5 for the card's ineffectiveness on the battlefield. This card should be kept in the binder and not in the real game.


  1. me got one has yours got two marks through it

  2. i also have Chinese cyndaquil