August 5, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Emboar (Black & White 20)

Hey guys, it is Volcachu for another card review. Today, I will be discussing about one of the hottest card out there and it is this Emboar card. It is from the latest set of Black and White and it has seen actions in many of the top decks.

Emboar is a Stage 2 Fire-Type Pokémon. It has 150 HP, which is a lot for any Pokémon. It has a double weakness to Water-Types and it has no resistance at all. It has a large retreat cost of 4 energies, so if he is your active Pokémon, don't bring him back unless you have the Trainer Card Switch.

Emboar has only 1 single attack and it is not the greatest. It is called Heat Crash and it deals out 80 damage. The bad thing of this attack is the amount of energies needed. You will need to attach 2 Fire Energies and 2 Colourless Energies. I would rather keep Emboar on the bench and use his ability.

Emboar is used a lot because of his Ability and not his attacks. Emboar's Ability is Inferno Fandango. This Ability is used to set up many combos. It allows the owner to attach as many Fire Energies as he/she wants. This can be used as a combo with cards like Reshiram's Blue Flare, Magnezone's Lost Burn, and Rayquaza and Deoxys Legend's Ozone Climax. This can be deadly and it will allow you to use hard hitting attacks that require lots and lots of energies.

This card may not be effective as your active Pokémon, but it is very good on your bench. I give Emboar a solid 4/5! Anyone would hate to see this card anytime soon on your opponent's bench.

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