August 18, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Umbreon (Undaunted 10)

Hey everyone! LuxrayMogul here for another Card of the Day Review! Today I continue my Eeveelution reviews with the Moonlight Pokémon, Umbreon. Let's start with the basics. Umbreon is a Stage 1 Darkness-type Pokémon that evolves from the Evolution Pokémon, Eevee. (Eevee sure does have a lot of evolutions, haha!) It has 90 HP just like its 'opposite' Espeon. It has a double weakness to Fighting-types, which is actually not desirable at all, and a -20 resistance to Psychic-types, which is awesome. Finally, its retreat cost of one colourless is, of course, pretty average for a Stage 1 Pokémon. So, let's look at the attacks.

Umbreon's first attack, Moonlight Fang, needs one Darkness energy and does a decent damage of 30 (well, for one energy it's decent). Plus, any damage and effects done by your opponent's Pokémon that has Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies are prevented during their next turn. Really? Cool! So... pretty much every single one of the Prime cards can't affect Umbreon, and neither can most regular Stage-2 Pokémon. It's pretty awesome, all for one energy. Unfortunately, this effect doesn't extend over to the new Black & White cards, which do not use Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies any more, but use Abilities. Therefore, Moonlight Fang doesn't affect these Pokémon, like Ability Samurott, Serperior and Emboar. That sucks. You definitely should be watching when you play this card, especially later on when HGSS cards start to get rotated out - this card will become increasingly useless, unfortunately as the new cards don't get affected by it.

Its second attack, Quick Blow, needs a Darkness and a Colourless. It does 30 damage, but you get to add 30 more if you get heads on the coin flip. So a maximum of 60 damage... that's average for a Stage 1 I guess, but I generally don't like coin flip attacks (who does?! XD) because it's way too risky. If you're wanting to pack a punch, then I would use Quick Blow, but if you're facing a Prime that you obviously can't take out in one turn, I would stick with Moonlight Fang until things get easy, because honestly, Quick Blow is too risky of an attack, especially for a Pokémon that has a times to weakness to a very very very popular type right now.

The artwork is amazing. Of course. I love the Eeveelutions, haha!

Overall, I would give the card a 3/5 for its pretty powerful Moonlight Fang, and its pretty usefulness inside a deck that runs dark types or Eeveelutions. But it's attacks are only average, which makes it lose some ratings. But overall, it's a relatively good card.

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