August 9, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Gengar Prime (Triumphant 94)

Hi everyone, it's Grass Explorer here again! Today, we are looking at Gengar, another psychic Pokémon. Once again, let's begin with the artwork, which is once again, incredibly stunning and beautiful! It really reveals Gengar's strength. The shine in its eye really accentuate its psychic "aura" and exhibits its cunning abilities to win battles!

We will start with its HP which is at 130. Gengar's 130HP is definitely a healthy amount and helps it carry on during battle! Looking at its weakness, Gengar is weak to dark type Pokémon, but this is somewhat compensated by its resistence to normal type Pokémon.

Furthermore, let's look at its Poké-Body, Catastrophe, which puts knocked out Pokémon in the Lost Zone and all cards attacked to that Pokémon are discarded. This is definitely useful since it doesn't allow the opponent to use any trainer cards to re-use that Pokémon; it also forces the opponent to discard all the cards attached to the Pokémon which prevents the opponent from using trainer cards to transfer energy cards.

Gengar's first attack allows it to put the opponent's Pokémon (ones that are in his/her hand) in the Lost Zone. This is a great attack because it completely eliminates the Pokémon with no chance of the opponent from "reviving" the Pokémon. And it only requires one energy card.

Next, Gengar's second attack is Cursed Drop which puts 4 damages counter on your opponent's Pokémon in any way you like. This attack speaks for itself and is incredibly useful! And again, it only requires two energy cards.
Most importantly, this card works in its optimal level with the "Lost World" stadium card from "Call of Legends" which allows once during your turn, if your opponent has 6 or more Pokémon in the Lost Zone, you may choose to win the game.

Overall, I give Gengar a 4/5!

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