August 2, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Zoroark (Black & White 71)

Hey everyone! This is Volcachu with another card review. Today, I will be talking about a very versatile card names Zoroark. This card is from the latest expansion of Black and White and it is a great card.

Zoroark is a Dark-Type Pokémon with 100 HP which is average for a Stage 1 Pokémon. It has a double weakness to Fighting-Types so you have to be careful against DonChamp decks. One Earthquake from Donphan Prime will take Zoroark out instantly. This Pokémon also has a resistance to Psychic-Types, which is a big bonus.

Zoroark has two attacks, which is normal for most Pokémon. Its first attack is called Nasty Plot. This attack requires 1 Dark Energy and it allows you to search any card you want. This attack is good because it will give you anything you want, whether it is a bench Pokémon, energy, or trainer card. The bad thing about this attack is that it deals no damage at all. Zoroark's second attack is called Foul Play. This attack is nasty as you can use any attack of the defending Pokémon without having to play the cost for their move. All you need is a Double Colourless Energy as this attack only requires 2 colourless energy. Since you don't need a specific energy, it allows Zoroark to be used in any deck.

I give Zoroark a solid 4/5 because it can be used in any deck and it is very effective. Its attacks can be devastating and it may cause mayhem. The bad thing about this card is the survivability. Since a lot of people are using Donphan Prime these days, these Zoroarks are getting knocked out very easily. Nevertheless, Zoroark is a great card and it should find a place in you deck.

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