July 27, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Reshiram (Black & White 113)

Hey there! Its Volcachu once again and today I will be talking about a hot card in the market and it is Reshiram. This Pokémon card has two forms. It can be obtained as a regular holo or as a full art card. In my opinion, the full art looks amazing and I have it.

Reshiram is a Basic Fire-Type Pokémon with 130 HP which is a lot for a Basic Pokémon. I has a double weakness to Water-Types so be careful of those Blastoise I mentioned in my Donphan Prime review. It has no resistance which is saddening and it costs two energy to retreat. Two energy is normal for a Pokémon with a very high health, so it is fine.

Reshiram has 2 attacks and they are both great. The first one is Outrage and it only needs two energies of any kind. Just slap on a Double Colourless Energy and you can attack right away with Outrage. It does 20 damage and it adds 10 damage for every damage counter on Reshiram. So the more hits you take, the more damage you deal out making it a good tank. The second attack is Blue Flare which deals a mind crushing 120 damage. This is an attack which hits very hard but it comes at a price. You have to discard 2 Fire Energies attached to Reshiram. Make sure that you have an extra energy in your hand before you use this attack so you can attach it and use Outrage on your next turn.

I would give Reshiram a 4/5 for being a great tank Pokémon and being able to dish out great damage. The drawback to Reshiram is the discarding of the energies to use its second attack. This card can be used in any deck as you can just use Outrage. It is a very versatile card and it can be used to your advantage very easily. This card is a must have and you should at least add it to your collection.

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