July 31, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Yanmega Prime (Triumphant 98)

Hello everyone! It's GrassExplorer here with another awesome Grass-Type Pokémon! This time we have Yanmega Prime, a sight to behold! To start off, it's artwork is fascinating, a testament to its sheer power and strength.

Looking at its HP, being 110 HP, I am quite amazed by its incredibly high HP, especially for a stage 1 Pokémon, but of course, it IS a Prime card. With that said, its high HP makes it a worthy opponent if you ever go against one!

Next, looking at its Poké-Body, Insight, is highly useful! So, if you have the same number of cards in your hand as your opponent, all of Yanmega Prime's attack costs are zero. This speaks for itself, the power of this Poké-Body allows for a quicker knocking out of your opponent. Moreover, in difficult situations when Yanmega has just been played and you don't have enough time to place energy cards, this can be a life-saver!

Now looking at Linear Attack, which does 40 damage to any one of your opponent's Pokémon, this attack is certainly better than average! The reason that it's better than many other average attacks is that it applies 40 damage regardless of weakness/resistance; this is what makes the attack quite deadly.

Moving onto its other attack, Sonic Boom, which inflicts 70 damage. This is another awesome attack because, once again, it inflicts a whopping 70 damage regardless of weakness or resistence! Although it requires three energy cards, I think it's a more than reasonable amount, especially since the attack is very powerful.

Unlike many other Grass-Type Pokémon, Yanmega Prime is not weak to Fire-Type Pokémon but rather to Electric-Type Pokémon, which would be good to use against Fire-Type decks which usually are most prone to over-power Grass decks. Moreover, it has resistance to Fighting Type Pokémon which is quite the advantage to have in a battle!

Overall, I give Yanmega Prime a 5/5!

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