July 29, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Vespiquen (Undaunted 23)

Hi everyone! It's GrassExplorer bringing you today another Grass-Type Pokémon, Vespiquen, from HS-Undaunted. One of my favourite Pokémon, Vespiquen is truly stunning! To start off, its artwork is quite beautiful, seems as though it's flying above its opponents!

Looking at its Poké-Body, Defense Sign, which prevents all damage done to Grass-Type Benched Pokémon, this is an extremely useful advantage especially for Grass-Type decks. Clearly, this helps warding off those pesky damage counters that slowly but surely accumulate on your benched Pokémon, and sometimes, even knocking them out.

Next, looking at its attack, Mach Wind, this is a great attack! With 60 damage inflicted in the opponent, this surely makes Vespiquen a real contender! Now, looking at the effect of its attack, being that its retreat cost becomes 0, Vespiquen truly shows its value as a definite Pokemon to have in a deck, especially for Grass-Type decks. Although it requires 3 energy cards, it only needs one grass energy. 

Like many other Grass-Type Pokémon, Vespiquen is weak to Fire-Type Pokémon, but I think that being a stage 1 Pokémon, Vespiquen truly is above average in many regards. Lastly, looking at its retreat cost, now although it takes 3 energy cards to retreat, it doesn't really matter all that much taking into account the awesome Mach Wind!

Overall, I give Vespiquen 4.5/5!

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