July 25, 2011

Card of the Day Review - Vileplume (Undaunted 24)

Hello everyone! My name is GrassExplorer and I will be focusing primarily on Grass-Type Pokémon, but I will also cover some Water Pokémon as well. I love Grass Pokémon for the main reason that they inflict many conditions, i.e. poison, burn, confused etc. Today we're going to look at my personal favourite Pokémon, Vileplume, which is card 24 from HS - Undaunted expansion.

Beginning with its HP, Vileplume has a healthy amount at 120 HP, making it difficult to knock out. Moreover, in terms of its weakness, it is unique among Grass-Type Pokémon being in that it is not weak to Fire, but to Psychic. This can be a definite advantage to a Grass-Type deck because Vileplume can withstand Fire-Type decks, which usually are what Grass-Type decks are weak to.

Moving onto its Poke-Body, Allergy Flower, it is an extremely useful Poke-Body. Although both players are barred from using trainer cards, this can definitely be used to the player's advantage in terms of strategy. This Poke-Body would be detrimental to opponents who rely heavily on trainer cards.

Next, looking at its attack, Dazzling Pollen, it is a great attack in that it is a win-win situation. It speaks for itself, whether heads or tails, more damage is inflicted either in the form of counters or condition. And with respect to the amount of energy cards needed, I would say that it is reasonable being that although three energy cards are needed, only two of them have to be Grass-Type.

Lastly, Vileplume's retreat cost is quite reasonable, again. It's not incredibly high and for a Pokémon of this caliber, I would say that it's pretty decent.

Overall, Vileplume is an awesome Pokémon, especially for running a Grass-Type deck. I hope you will, or do, enjoy Vileplume just as much as I do! Vileplume may look cute, but it's also deadly and can put up a fight!

In summary, I give Vileplume a definite 5/5!

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