October 11, 2012

Updated Trade Rules + Wants List

Hi everyone! To prevent YouTube from completely erasing everything again, we're going to post our official trade rules here on the blog. Under that will be LM's Wants List.

1. If you come to me for a trade, I will expect that you send first. I don't send at the same time unless we've traded a lot.
2. PC ships trades internationally for free. You should too.
3. If you are buying a card or cards from us, however, you MUST pay shipping on it. You must pay $1.50 if you are in Canada, $2 from the USA, and $5 elsewhere.
4. All money must be paid in Canadian dollars, preferably. LM will also accept US dollars.
5. All cards, unless otherwise requested, should be near-mint or mint. I will always state the conditions of my cards when trading.
6. Once addresses are exchanged, the trade is FINAL. If you back out of a trade once addresses are exchanged, you will go onto our bad trader list. I don't appreciate time-wasters.
7. I ship with top loaders for Ultra Rares and Secret Rares and double sleeves for everything else. I would prefer that you do likewise.
8. I don't often throw in extras. So you can add extras if you want, but don't expect any back.
9. LM gives signature cards out to those who trade and buy from him. (Currently the cards are in 2nd Edition - out of 1st Edition!)
10. I only trade English cards for English cards and Japanese cards for Japanese cards.
11. Most importantly, have fun!

LUXRAYMOGUL'S WANT LIST - Updated with HeartGold SoulSilver

-HeartGold SoulSilver Energy with the Pokémon Silhouettes  (HGSS115-122)

--Singles from HEARTGOLD SOULSILVER (Ultra rares and Secret Rares in gold)
Clefable (HGSS3)
Noctowl (HGSS8)
Quagsire (HGSS9)
Shuckle (HGSS11)
Wobbuffet (HGSS13)
Typhlosion (HGSS32)
Gyarados (HGSS123)
Alpha Lithograph (ONE)

---Singles from BW NEXT DESTINIES: (Ultra rares and Secret Rares in gold)
Shaymin EX (ND5)
Amoongus (ND9)
Moltres (ND14)
Chandelure (ND20)
Reshiram (ND21)
Lapras (ND25)
Lapras (ND26)
Kyurem EX (ND38)
Zebstrika (ND48)
Zekrom (ND50)
Zekrom EX (ND51)
Mewtwo EX (ND54)
Musharna (ND59)
Darmanitan (ND60)
Mienshao (ND68)
Weavile (ND70)
Jigglypuff (ND79)
Regigigas EX (ND82)
Cinccino (ND85)
Reshiram EX (ND95)
Kyurem EX (ND96)
Zekrom EX (ND97)
Mewtwo EX (ND98)
Regigigas EX (ND99)
Emboar (ND100)
Chandelure (ND101)
Zoroark (ND102)
Hydreigon (ND103)

---Singles from BW DRAGONS EXALTED: (Ultra Rares and Secret Rares in gold)
Rayquaza EX (DEX85)
Terrakion EX (DEX121)
Registeel EX (DEX122)
Rayquaza EX (DEX123)
Giratina EX (DEX124)
Krookodile (DEX127)
Rayquaza (DEX128)

Roselia (DEX12)
Roserade (DEX15)
Gyrados (DEX24)
Tympole (DEX34)
Gible (DEX87)
Garchomp (DEX90)
Garchomp (DEX91)
Swablu (DEX104)

---Singles from Japanese BW6 COLD FLARE: (Ultra Rares and Secret Rares in gold)

***All cards must be 1st Edition
Crystal Edge (59/59)
Celebi EX (60/59)
Keldeo EX (61/59)
White-Kyurem EX (62/59)
Bianca (63/59)
Altaria (65/59)

---Singles from Japanese BW6 FREEZE BOLT: (Ultra Rares and Secret Rares in gold)

***All cards must be 1st Edition
Charizard (12/59)
Piloswine (18/59)
Gliscor (35/59)
Landorus EX (40/59)
Cresselia EX (60/59)
Landorus EX (61/59)
Black-Kyurem EX (62/59)
Cheren (63/59)
Golurk (64/59)
Rocky Helmet (65/59)

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