July 8, 2012

Card of the Day Review - Random Receiver (Dark Explorers 99)

Hey everyone! It's LuxrayMogul here with a brand new Card Review (I know we haven't done one in a while) and it's Random Receiver (99/108) from the recent Dark Explorers set. Let's take a look.

Random Receiver is quite similar to Xtransceiver (Noble Victories 96) but without the coin flip. However, Random Receiver forces you to take the first Supporter you reveal, whereas if you get a Heads on a coin flip, Xtransceiver lets you search your deck for any Supporter. So, both have their own risks attached to them: Random Receiver adds the risk that you may not get the Supporter you need, but Xtransceiver adds the risk that you might not get heads.

Wait: let's backtrack. Random Receiver's effect allows the player to reveal cards from the top of their deck until a Supporter is revealed. Because Random Receiver is a regular Trainer card, many copies of the card can be used during a turn if the Supporter desired isn't found. It's quite a useful card and quite fun too, talking from personal experience. Sometimes almost half the deck is revealed until a Supporter is found!

Strategy wise, I think it can potentially be a very useful card in the soon to be Black and White-on format and is a much better card than Xtranceiver. Luckily, because they are both Trainers, more than one can be played a turn if the Supporter you want is unavailable. Then, combining with Junk Arm (Triumphant 87) you can recycle those Trainers as much as you want Sorry, Junk Arm's getting rotated :(

Aaaaanyways, it's a very useful addition to any deck because Supporters will always need to be used in competitive gaming for faster results. And if you're like me, who has NO luck with starting with the cards I need, drawing a Random Receiver in your first hand or in your first couple turns will definitely assist your game and your deck in performing well. And if you already have a Supporter - Random Receiver will give you some choice on which one is the best to use first too.

The artwork's pretty decent. I mean, most of the Trainer artworks from the Black and White sets are pretty decent anyways. They aren't as exciting or old-school feel as the HGSS trainers, but still good nevertheless.

Let's give Random Receiver full marks, 5/5, for its playability, its ability to assist players, as well as its artwork. In conclusion, Random Receiver is a pretty good card released with Dark Explorers and it is sure to assist Pokémon players on their road to victory.

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