September 4, 2011

Card of the Week Review - Gothitelle (Emerging Powers 47)

Hey everyone! It is Volcachu back for a card review; but since school has started, we will be doing card reviews weekly instead of daily. For the time being, we will try to focus our reviews on Pokémon from the new set. This week's Pokémon will be Gothitelle and it has been getting a lot of hype since the release of the set.

This Pokémon is a Stage 2 Psychic-Type with 130 HP which is average. It has an ability called Magic Room which I will get more in depth later. Gothitelle has only one attack and it is called Madkinesis. This attack costs 3 energy of any type and it does 30 base damage. This attack does 20 extra damage on top of the 30 base damage for each Psychic Energy attached to Gothitelle. This means that the more Psychic Energies, the more powerful the attack is. Like most Psychic-Types, Gothitelle has a weakness to other Psychic-Types. It has a retreat cost of two which is not very good.

The reason why this Pokémon is liked is because of the ability, Magic Room. This ability is only activated when Gothitelle is the active Pokémon. The ability locks most of the important trainer cards of the opponent as they are not allowed to play any item cards. This will shut down key cards like Pokémon Catcher, Switch, Pokémon Communications and others. Gothitelle is usually teamed up with a Reuniclus to continually lock the opponent while keeping Gothitelle alive as long as possible. This may be a very combo soon as many people are starting to pick this up.

All these factors allow me to give Gothitelle a 4.5/5. Even with all the potential to lock your opponent, she is very slow to set up. This slowness calls for more Twins in your deck since you will probably fall behind early with this deck. Gothitelle will become an alternate Vileplume and it will be a hot card in the market. Grab them all before others do!

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